2016 Ignite:Spirit Togetherness

Harmony lead singing at Ignite

Pentecost celebrates the Spirit of God bringing the people of God together and empowering the people of God to proclaim the Risen Christ.

At Pentecost, 15th May 2016, people of God from across the Vale of Stour and Dudley and Netherton came together to be empowered by God and proclaim the Risen Christ.

Around 400 people, of all ages and backgrounds, packed into Dudley College to worship together.

Contemporary and traditional hymns were sung and the message of God's reality was shared through moving drama led by Saltmine, powerful testimony from Tough Talk, street dance from Stance as well as traditional and interactive prayer.

The message continued to be shared as people chose to listen to Andrew Roberts preach on Holy Habits, which was launched for the Dudley and Netherton and Vale of Stour circuits at Ignite or through participating in puppetry, street dance, teen discussion, creative prayer, arty worship and 'Big Questions' interactive prayer and discussion.

There was even a symbolic 'love feast' for us all and opportunities for commitment.

Ignite brought Christians together to celebrate Pentecost and commit to be Jesus's followers as we learn to live Holy Habits in our lives.

More about Holy Habits to follow...