What is Ignite?
Ignite is a special worship experience where 22 churches from across the Dudley & Netherton and Vale of Stour circuits will join together.

Why does our church building have to close on this Sunday morning?
So that we can all come together to celebrate the uniting power of God's Spirit

Who decided this?
The Circuit Meetings of each circuit agreed this. It is being organised by a joint working group between both circuits. 

Will it just be a big joint service?
No, it will be much more than that! It will have a good "Methodist feel" to it like the Methodist rally's that you may have previously attended, but also bring something new.

How is this event being funded?
By both circuits and district grants.

What facilities are available at Dudley College?
370 Car Parking spaces and 9 Disabled parking spaces
Toilets including disabled
Flat well signposted walk ways - approx. 2 minute walk from car park to main hall
Wheelchair accessible

If it's in Dudley then is Dudley circuit organising it?
No, it's a joint event from both circuits.

Who can go?
For all ages.

Why should I go?
To listen to inspiring testimonies.
To take part, if you want to, in varied and creative worship groups which will run alongside a more traditional service.
We hope that you will invite families and friends as the hope is that this event will ignite people with God's love and power. 

Is this the start of a joint circuit?
No, this is an event that both circuits are working together for mission and discipleship. 

Why wasn't I given more information about this sooner?
The Ignite working party is still very much in the initial planning stages, please be assured that as further information is available about the event that it will be passed on to you.
You can sign up to the newsletter and find out further information on the website www.ignitespirit.org
This event is something to be excited about, it's an opportunity to worship with our neighbours and build/extend our friendships beyond our church walls.